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LLoyd and Others (#3) “What Now?”

Posted by lloydandothers on April 27, 2008

Now before I begin I would like to say that my blog has decided to sh$% me and is changing the size of my pictures. Also Paint sucks and is making the picutres look all fuzzy so. Now i have to enlarge the pictures by hand so they are actually readable. However do not fear for I am working to resolve both these issues.

Now for your next installment of LLoyd and Others:

Sorry for the crappy quality. Hopefully I will have a new program for drawing that doesn’t sh$% me.



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Random picture

Posted by lloydandothers on April 13, 2008

You probably want to know what this thing is.

It’s a pit lord out of World of Warcraft (yep that’s right, World of Warcraft) I sketched it during maths and science one day, on the back of a sudoku sheet (had to clean it up with paint, and yes, I did have free time) so enjoy:

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Lloyd (#2) “The Hunt Begins”

Posted by lloydandothers on April 12, 2008

When we last left Lloyd he was locked in an epic battle with the powerful (and dashing?) Super Lemon.

Unfortunately we did not see the result of the Llama Spit and Lemon Ray colliding. Let’s see what happens

*suspenseful music*



Anyway on with the story

And on a completely unrelated note:

Who is the culprit between Lloyd’s and Super Lemon’s fight? You’ll have to wait for the nest issue of

Lloyd and Others!

(ha ha, you’re in suspense)

Stupid blog has decided to start minimizing my pictures, does anyone know anything about this?

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This Is Lloyd (#1)

Posted by lloydandothers on April 10, 2008

That is Lloyd

Welcome to Lloyd’s blog, i will be using this blog to put up new issues of lloyd and any other pictures I feel like putting up.

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Hello world!

Posted by lloydandothers on April 9, 2008

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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